SEO Pricing

How much does SEO Cost? It depends. Send us a message via live chat below if you need help deciding which plan fits best.

Do you want hourly SEO Consulting...

This usually fits clients who need specific issues fixed. We like to line up our billing with SEO tasks that have a defined start and end. We aren't here to run up the bill.

Our Hourly Rate


SEO Services we've billed hourly for:

Link Removal • Website Speed Optimization • Compression Issues • Internal Linking • Site Audits • Keyword Research • Content Strategy

Or a monthly SEO service retainer....

This usually fits clients who need a complete SEO playbook: SEO Audits, Keyword Research, On-page Optimization, Local SEO, Content and Link building included.

The Battle

Moderate Competition

Size: 1 to 2 locations in a major city
Example: Maid Company, Co-working Space

$1k to $3K
per month

The War

Moderate to Difficult Competition

Size: 1-5+ locations Nationwide
Example: Plastic Surgeon, Pest Control Company

$3k to $6K+
per month