We help Toronto businesses increase sales and appointment bookings with search engine optimization (SEO)

We help Toronto businesses increase sales and appointment bookings with search engine optimization (SEO)

Need a Toronto SEO Consultant?

Are you nowhere to be found on the first page of Google?

We are two SEO consultants (Nathan & Abhi) that help Toronto businesses get more sales & appointments while becoming the online authority in their industry. We execute a proven SEO playbook that leads to predictable growth.

If you want to dominate the Google rankings and turn those rankings into revenue then schedule a discovery call with us by clicking the button below.

Client SEO results from a COMPETITVE niche

The below client came to us with 0 traffic and 0 rankings looking to compete against international banks who have unlimited budgets. To make it more challenging he only wanted clients with 5m to 500m liquid net worth. After working with us his consultation calendar is packed. If we can beat banks we can help you.

Client Results

Do you want to rank #1 on Google for terms that drive leads?

Get help implementing or managing your SEO strategy from Toronto’s leading SEO consultants.

  • Full SEO Plan communicated & implemented within 2 weeks.
  • Speak directly with the two SEO experts in charge of your account.
  • Pre-planned milestones means no surprise costs and compensation for misses.
  • No billing surprises or forced upsells. We just deliver SEO.

Stop letting your competitors steal revenue and rankings from you. It's time to work with local SEO consultants from Toronto who get the job done.

Work with two (Expert) SEO Toronto Consultants

Toronto SEO Consultant
SEO Consultant

The growth of your business depends on you picking the right SEO contractor for this job the first time.

With SEO you have one chance to get it right with your budget in tact.

Once you enter the competition its a race to the top of the Google search results. Your business must win to maintain relevance while claiming your piece of the revenue pie.

This is why it’s more important than ever to work with a focused SEO Expert who commits to your campaign.

Larger agencies will assign you to an intern or junior marketing associate who has never ranked a site from start to finish in their life. Your company and marketing budget deserve better.

When you hire Nathan and Abhi that is exactly who you get. We don’t outsource your work to someone you can’t reach or pass it off to an army of underpaid interns.

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Learn how effective SEO can transform your business.
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Toronto SEO Services

SEO Audits

Find low hanging changes we can make for immediate results

Keyword Research

Find competitive high-traffic keywords that lead to sales and meetings

On-page Optimization

Surpass your competitors on verifiable metrics that matter to Google

Local SEO

Suck up leads from local customers using Google Search & Maps.

Technical SEO

Advanced SEO implementation that builds what Google wants to see.

Link Building

Link Outreach and powerful link sourcing to accelerate rankings

Frequently Asked Questions SEO Consultants Encounter

Should I hire a SEO company or Independent SEO Consultant?

It depends on your needs and the results you want. Focus breeds results and most SEO companies try to do web design, email marketing, SEO, PPC, content marketing and branding. The chances of any one SEO company being proficient in ALL those verticals is slim to none. Something always suffers don’t let it be you.

If you have a laser focus on generating more sales and leads without using paid advertising than you should be working with a SEO Expert (or a pair of SEO experts like us!).

If you want to communicate with a proven SEO expert and not a junior account manager who has never ranked a site then you should hire a SEO consultant.

More than 60% of our deal flow at SEO Magic comes from business owners who were looking for proven SEO Consultants after already hiring a SEO Agency or Toronto SEO Company who missed the mark. Always ask yourself “What is this experts core focus?” Web designers can do basic SEO but fall short when the client industry is even mildly competitive. Similarly we can design beautiful sites from templates but SEO Consulting is our core focus and where we excel.

Do you write the SEO content?

In some cases we do if we feel we are a good fit or can speak to the content positioning with general knowledge.


Our good friend Vincent D’Eletto runs an amazing company called WordAgents in New York. His company understands our process and can turn our strategy into compelling content that ranks. Doesn’t hurt that they have 500+ writers on staff. SEO is at the core of everything they do just like us.

How long does SEO take to deliver?

If your site is established with a history of strong industry backlinks then pretty quick.

However, with the majority of clients we encounter this is not the case.

As a rule of thumb SEO very rarely ever takes less than 3 months.

Competitive keywords can take anywhere from 6-18 months.

Every case is different so it’s hard to say how long your SEO campaign will take. We do have experience in a wide array of industries so past experience comes into play when estimating the timeline for your SEO results.

This other agency guarantees results... Do you guarantee results?

This question is tricky. We know right away whether we can help you or not as well as a rough timeline…

Lets schedule a SEO discovery call. We transparently discuss expectations, deliverables, what success looks like to you and whether or not we will guarantee results.

You in?

Do you outsource your SEO services?

Definitely not.

We take pride in our SEO campaigns and outsourcing is often just as much of a headache for us as it will be for you when results are sub par.

Outsourcing wouldn’t let us give you our full attention and we very much want to craft a close relationship.

Client/Consultant fit is also important to us… because of this we are both very selective as to who we take on.

We only take 10-15 clients on.

Doing a good job you rave about to your colleagues is more important than stuffing our pockets with a bit more cash.

Schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery session

Learn how effective SEO can transform your business.
No question is off limits.